Google Chose .XYZ Over .Com for Alphabet. Is .Com Irrelevant?

Last month, in a surprise move, Google became Alphabet. Now, this is the Internet’s biggest brand and the largest Internet-focused company. You would assume that their homepage would be, right? Wrong. Google, or Alphabet, doesn’t think the .com is essential any more and set its global domain at

A while back, Internet regulator ICANN opened new extensions – beyond the familiar .Com, .Net, .Org and so on. These extensions, called top-level domains (TLD), will allow Internet users to get more personalized and meaningful names, while not being restricted by whatever is available as a .Com.

However, there are still many who believe the .Com address is invaluable and these other TLDs are n0t a good idea.

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NO, I’m Not On Facebook!

No FacebookI love the  question “are you on Facebook?” First I smile and say no I don’t use Facebook, and then realize I’ve just been given another great opportunity to deliver my patented elevator sales speech…

… As a Digital Strategist I help individuals & organizations effectively leverage digital technology and apply limited resources to achieve their online goals. And one of the best ways to be accessible to all of the 3+ billion global Internet users (3,079,339,857 as of 12/31/14,, and not just the walled 1 billion Facebook users, is to have my own branded personal website/blog & email ( For the cost of a couple of beers ($12USD/yr.) I can offer whatever content I choose and have complete control over privacy, context and monetization – I can’t do that using Facebook. 

If time is really short – I just say − I just noticed that the number of worldwide Facebook user and smokers both just passed the 1 billion mark!

Do you smoke? Why not? Everyone else is doing it.

Maybe it is time to separate yourself from the rest of the pack!

Build An Online Home Base

Home BaseWhy do you need a home base? 

Can’t I just rely on LinkedIn,, Twitter and all those other “free” services?

In a word – NO! The reason is that you want to own your online assets as much as possible, not rent them.

There are a number of disadvantages to using these free services:

  1. They can lock you out. There is no guarantee of service with these free accounts. All of their terms of service state that they can shut down on a moment’s notice. And most of them stipulate that they don’t have to give you your content back.
  2. They can evict you. Your account can be removed at any time, for any reason, and usually without recourse. There are numerous stories of Facebook, Twitter and blog accounts that get shut off and even deleted. Sometimes these are accidental, other times they are due to alleged violations of terms of service, but every so often there is no explanation.
  3. They can use your stuff. On most of these networks, their terms of service state that while you maintain ownership of your content, you also grant them a universal right to reuse your content for their own purposes.
  4. They can relocate you. If a service gets acquired, its domain name might change, which means that your URL would change. The most valuable online currency is inbound links. If your domain changes, those links get broken and you have no power to repair them.
  5. They own your improvements. Search engine rankings are always maintained at the domain level. If your personal website is “,” then all the search engine “juice” allocates to “” You can’t really earn any ranking for yourself.

Register Your Personal Domain Name Today!
Before you can build your house, you’ll need a plot of land on which to construct it. That Internet land is a domain name. You can register a domain for less than $12USD per year. I use and (affiliate link).

Your Name

Your Name

As the text that will be seen & repeated the most throughout life, what can you do to make your name leave a positive impression?


Your PERSONAL NAME could very well be the single most valuable piece of virtual real estate you will ever own & a Personal Domain Name will immediately raise your EXPERT status!

Personal Domain Names

Domain NamesWhy You Should Own Your Personal Domain Name
I’m sort of an evangelist on this subject and have been known to tell total strangers to register their personal name as a domain name. Before you can build your online home, you’ll need a plot of land on which to construct it. That Internet land is a domain name.

The following list will give you the what and how regarding owning a domain name. Hopefully, one of points listed will convince you to do this for yourself.

What exactly is a domain name?
A domain name is used to identify your IP address. An IP address is your computer’s unique address on the Internet. It’s like the mailing address to your home.

Why should you own your domain name?
There is no easier way to identify you on the Internet. You might write a book, start a foundation, even run a family blog. An online presence starts with people that know you and support you. How are they going to support you if they can’t find you?

People will meet you and may or may not remember your project, but your online name is yours. Your name is the basis of who you are and the start of building an Internet ID or personal brand.

Owning your online name is inexpensive. It can easily cost less than $12 USD a year. Be sure and search for a discount or coupon before registering your name. Most companies offer one.

So, how do you go about registering your personal domain name?
There are plenty of domain registration companies on the Internet. To find a company enter “domain registration” and see who offers the simplest service for the least money. I use

Go to the search box provided by the company and put in the name you want. You will get a response letting you know if the name is available.

If your personal name is not available, try different variations. Add a middle name, maybe some initials. You will eventually find a variation that works for you.

I recommend buying the .com, if available – That extension is the one people are accustomed to using and the easiest to remember.

Most of the time, you don’t need to buy the upgraded services. I never choose the automated renewal option – although, you do run the risk of losing a name if you let it expire, but you may decide to let it expire. You have to decide if the renewal date is something you want to keep up with yourself or not. Based on experience, you will receive a plethora of reminder emails from the register if you get anywhere close to letting a name expire.

Once you have chosen a personal domain name, just follow the check out and registration prompts. Before you pay, do a search for the name of the registration company and the words “discount” or “coupon”. Most of the time you can find a discount code. Register your domain name for a couple of years – it will save you money now and time in the future.

Once you have registered the domain name, what do you do with it?
Maybe nothing. You can set up a blog, start a website, setup Google Apps for the domain or you can just sit on it. If you don’t utilize the name now, enjoy the security of knowing that it’s there if you need it.

Two IMPORTANT things to be aware of when registering domain names!
You may decide to use a web designer or a hosting company who offer you a “free” domain name if you use their services. If you decide to go with this option – always make sure the domain is registered in YOUR name rather than the service provider’s name! This will assure that you and only you have the domain rights and will provide a secure foundation to start building your online presence efforts.

Also, make sure you have the ability to redirect (domain forwarding) the domain to another Internet address. This will allow the flexibility to point the domain at any Internet address of your choice.

9 Compelling Reasons Why You Should Register A Personal Domain

  1. Search Engine Rankings – Be on page one of Google for your name.
  2. Brand Recognition and Recall – It is easier to remember ( than
  3. People say YOUR NAME every time they email you
  4. Immediately raises your EXPERT status
  5. SEO advantages
  6. Security – Even if you don’t plan to do anything with the domain other than redirect it to your Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter profile, secure it before someone else does
  7. Your Corner on the Internet, THE HUB of all of your business and social sites
  8. Business docs never become outdated
  9. Just Google Me – Great to say “Just Google Me…..

There are lots of rules on what you can and can’t do or say on “free” Internet sites. Registering your own space in the Internet virtual world means you can say & do whatever you like.

As a business person, a public figure, TV personality people will be looking for you online. When they Google you what do they find??

Do they find your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ page or more importantly do they find your personalized online home?