Google Docs vs. Microsoft Word: The Death Match for Research Writing

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, Microsoft Word ruled the roost when it came to word processing. If you wanted to type your love letters or book manuscript, then you used Word. Then along came OpenOffice and LibreOffice to knock Microsoft off their perch a little.

But now we are entering the era of the Cloud, and online solutions are gradually becoming the norm. The main player in this area is Google Docs which resides in Google Drive, and it’s good for basic stuff like letters and reports. But how good is it when you are a student or a researcher, and you need to write an academic research paper?

I decided to see how Microsoft Word stacks up against Google Docs. Which one will do the better research paper?

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5 Tools to Finally Learn All Those Keyboard Shortcuts

Get more out of your computer: learn keyboard shortcuts. It sounds like a pain, but seriously, every new shortcut you learn will quickly become something you can’t live without.

Have you ever watched a “computer person” quickly do things in a way that blew your mind? It’s a good bet they know their keyboard shortcuts, and you’re using the mouse like a sucker. If you’ve put off learning those shortcuts, it might be because you’re intimidated. Don’t be: learning shortcuts is easy, and Cool Websites and Apps today is going to point out a number of tools.

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Google Apps update alerts: Google Drive

When working in a Chrome browser, people using the Google Docs editors with offline access enabled can work on files even when not connected to the internet. Files are synced so they can be viewed and edited offline, allowing for continued productivity regardless of one’s internet connection.

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Using Chrome: Can We Really Trust Google?

It seems there’s no escaping Google. What started out as two students’ research project has transformed into a multi-billion dollar corporation that offers a wide variety of services while also trying to find a foothold in nearly every aspect of our lives. In the year 2015, Google is no longer just a search engine.

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5 Advanced Gmail Search Operators You Should Know

GmailGmail is an ingenious webmail client with many awesome features. Being a Google service, one of its strengths obviously is Search. And this is exactly how Google revolutionized email. While every other email client focused on sorting emails, Google focused on what they do best. In Gmail you don’t really have to worry about filing or sorting emails because you an always find them in a matter of seconds using the Search.

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